Makeup Design

By using one photo you can use the makeup design to help you find out instantly how you would look in hundreds of haircuts, lip colors, eye contact lenses, shadows and much more. The software is easy to use so you can spend all your time concentrating on your new look.

Hair Cut

With this feature you can try all sorts of hairstyles for male or female in a variety of colours. You could even add highlights to those hairs. Just select the desired gender, a hair type (Short, Medium, Long, etc.) and the desired hairstyle from the list of hairstyles.

From now on you can always try a radical change to your hairstyle before actually doing it. Discover what fits you best, print or save the result and show it to your friends and to your desired hair saloon. Let them know exactly how you would like to change.


Flawless skin is yours using this feature, all with coverage that feels so natural. You will forget you have edited the photo.

The concealer or colour corrector is a type of makeup used to cover pimples, dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Just select a color that is more similar to the skin color and use the mouse over the image to paint in the desired area.


Blush is typically used to redden the cheeks so as to provide a more youthful appearance and to emphasise the cheekbones.

With the blush feature you can easily achieve this effect just by selecting a color and instantly view the changes taking effect in the image.


Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes, compliments the eye colour and draws attention to the eyes. It can also do the exact opposite if the colour does not compliment your complexion. Now you do not have to worry with these problems. Use this feature to achieve the effect just by selecting the desired eye color and instantly view the changes that take effect in the image without wasting any products.


Lipstick applies color and texture to the lips for face decoration. Now you can easily see yourself with the trendiest colours. You will never be outdated or spend money on lipsticks that are wrong for your type or personality. To reach for this effect with the lips feature just select a color and instantly view the changes taking effect in the image.

Windows Compatible:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1
* Windows 10

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