Recipe Manager

Welcome to the Recipe Manager a recipe-organizer that allows you to collect, search, organize, and browse your recipes. The software can also generate shopping lists and calculate nutritional information. It imports Mealmaster, MasterCook and KRecipe files and exports PDFs, webpages and other formats.

Simple Search

A simple index view allows you to look at all your recipes as a list and quickly search through them by ingredient, title, category, cuisine, rating, or instructions.

Recipe Card Display

Individual recipes open in their own windows, just like recipe cards drawn out of a recipe box. Recipes are attractively displayed with a minimal amount of controls and settings cluttering the interface. From the recipe card view, you can instantly multiply or divide a recipe, and the software will adjust all ingredient amounts and even adjust the units to keep them as readable as possible (so that 2 tbs. x 4 displays as 1/2 cup).

Recipe Editor

The recipe manager aims to make entering ingredients as intuitive and painless as possible, while still allowing for powerful features. Features include:

* A keyed ingredient list which allows searches and shopping-list generation to understand synonyms (like aubergine and eggplant) and ignore ingredient descriptions (i.e. to treat "tomatoes, finely chopped" as "tomatoes" for the purpose of searching and generating shopping lists
* An intuitive spreadsheet-like editing interface
* An alternative, fast form-like ingredient entering interface (which allows you to easily type ingredient lists without looking at the screen)
* Drag-n-drop support for importing ingredient lists from your web browser or other application
* Support for pasting ingredient lists in from your clipboard
* Support for grouping ingredients within a recipe
* Support for optional ingredients

In addition to ingredients and instructions, you can enter information about categories, cuisines, and ratings that you can later use to search for recipes. In each case, the software allows you a drop down menu of standard categories and categories you have used in the past, but also allows you to enter any custom categories you like.

Import and Export

The software includes simple and powerful import and export filters for a number of formats, including the two most common recipe formats on the web (mealmaster and mastercook).


* Mealmaster Files
* MasterCook text files
* MasterCook XML files
* Gourmet XML files
* KRecipe XML Files
* Archives (such as Zip Files, Gzip Files, or Tarballs)
* Websites
* Unformatted plain text files or websites (in this case, the software will ask you to identify ingredients, instructions, etc.


* PDF Files
* Recipe Web Pages
* Rich Text Format
* Plain Text
* Mealmaster Files
* Gourmet XML Files

Shopping List Manager

The software allows you to automatically generate shopping list from your recipes. You can easily multiply recipes when you add them to adjust for the number of people you are cooking for. If the units are convertible, different units used in different recipes will be added up correctly on your shopping’s list (the software even knows the density of some common foods to allow volume-to-weight conversions!). If the software can not convert your units, the shopping list will simply display both units -- for example, the screenshot shows both tsp. and cloves of garlic, since these units can't be sensibly combined.

Windows Compatible:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1
* Windows 10

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