Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery

Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery Training Manual 1 - Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery (220 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Construction Drawings
Chapter 2 - Construction Planning and Materials
Chapter 3 - Bills of Materials
Chapter 4 - Building Layout and Foundation Layout
Chapter 5 - Forms for Concrete
Chapter 6 - Rough Framing
Chapter 7 - Roof Systems and Coverings
Chapter 8 - Doors and Windows
Chapter 9 - Finish Carpentry
Chapter 10 - Nonstandard Fixed Bridge
Chapter 11 - Timber-Pile Wharves
Appendix A - Conversion Tables
Appendix B - Carpentry Abbreviations and Symbols
Appendix C - Manpower Estimates
Appendix D - General Information

Also included:

Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery Training Manual 2 - Carpentry I (94 Pages)

Construction Prints for Buildings
Bill of Materials (BOMs)
Building Materials

Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery Training Manual 3 - Carpentry II (98 Pages)

Floor Construction
Floor Framing
Finish Flooring

Wall-System and Stairway Construction
Framing Members
Wall Sheathing

Roof Construction
Roof Types
Framing Members
Roof-Covering Material

Carpentry Woodworking and Joinery Training Manual 4 - Carpentry III (57 Pages)

Prefabricated Buildings
Heavy Timber Construction

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