Climbing and Mountaineering

Climbing and Mountaineering Training Manual - Climbing and Mountaineering (320 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Mountain Terrain, Weather, and Hazards

Section I - Mountain Terrain
Section II - Mountain Weather
Section III - Mountain Hazards

Chapter 2 - Mountain Living

Section I - Survival
Section II - Acclimatization and Conditioning
Section III - Medical Considerations

Chapter 3 - Mountaineering Equipment

Section I - Equipment Description and Maintenance
Section II - Equipment Packing

Chapter 4 - Rope Management and Knots

Section I - Preparation, Care and Maintenance, Inspection, Terminology
Section II - Coiling, Carrying, Throwing
Section III - Knots

Chapter 5 - Anchors

Section I - Natural Anchors
Section II - Anchoring With the Rope
Section III - Artificial Anchors

Chapter 6 - Climbing

Section I - Climbing Fundamentals
Section II - Use of Holds
Section III - Roped Climbing
Section IV - Belay Techniques
Section V - Climbing Commands
Section VI - Roped Climbing Methods

Chapter 7 - Rope Installations

Section I - Fixed Rope
Section II - Rappelling
Section III - One-Rope Bridge
Section IV - Suspension Traverse
Section V - Vertical Hauling Line
Section VI - Simple Raising Systems

Chapter 8 - Mountain Walking Techniques

Chapter 9 - Mountain Stream Crossing

Chapter 10 - Movement over Snow and Ice

Chapter 11 - Mountain Rescue and Evacuation

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