Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation Training Manual 1 - Prepare an Electrical Materials Takeoff List (25 Pages)

Lesson - Prepare an Electrical-Materials Takeoff List

Part A - Electrical-Symbol Identification
Part B - Print Verification
Part C - Print Legends
Part D - List of Electrical Materials
Part E - Service-Entrance Requirements

Electrical Installation Training Manual 2 - Install Service Entrance Systems (33 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Overhead Entrance Systems
Lesson 2 - Underground Services

Electrical Installation Training Manual 3 - Install Electrical Boxes (26 Pages)

Lesson - Electrical-Box Installation

Part A - Electrical Boxes
Part B - Electrical-Box Uses and Electrical Connectors
Part C - Electrical-Box Conductors
Part D - Electrical-Box Covers

Electrical Installation Training Manual 4 - Install Conduit Systems (42 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Classifying and Sizing Conduit

Part A - Rigid-Steel Conduit
Part B - EMT Conduit
Part C - Rigid Nonmetallic (PVC) Conduit
Part D - Flexible Metallic and Nonmetallic Conduit

Lesson 2 - Cutting and Threading Conduit

Part A - Cutting Conduit
Part B - Threading Conduit

Lesson 3 - Bending Conduit

Part A - Methods of Bending Conduit
Part B - Types of Bends
Part C - Types of Benders

Lesson 4 - Installing Conduit and Conductors

Part A - Installing Conduit
Part B - Installing Conductors

Electrical Installation Training Manual 5 - Install Systems, Equipment and Component Grounds (32 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Install Grounding Electrodes
Lesson 2 - Install Circuit Grounds

Electrical Installation Training Manual 6 - Install Convenience Devices (59 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Switches

Part A - Basic Switches
Part B - Installing Basic Switches
Part C - Types of Switches

Lesson 2 - Receptacles

Part A - Basic Receptacles
Part B - Special-Use Outlets
Part C - Power Outlets
Part D - Miscellaneous Receptacles

Lesson 3 - Lighting Fixtures

Part A - Basic Incandescent Light Fixtures
Part B - Basic Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Electrical Installation Training Manual 7 - Install Circuit Protective Devices (20 Pages)

Lesson - Install Circuit Protective Devices

Part A - Identifying Circuit Protective Devices
Part B - Installing Fuses
Part C - Installing Circuit Breakers
Part D - Installing Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

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